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Do you Want to Join MJG Tecnologias in our program of Introducing our Premium Mobile Video Tecnologias to Mexico?

We are Selecting and Training Associates and Distributors in Mexico Now.

These are some of the Tasks We will Do For You as a MJG Tecnologias Associate or Distributor in Mexico!
  • Offer competitive and consistent associate priced specialty mobile video technologies.

  • All equipment prepared, tested, authenticated and ready for installation.

  • Provide marketing materials and programs to drive business to You and Your customers.

  • Social Network, video production, printed materials, banners, flags, uniforms, joint web design and programming, etc.

  • Provide 24 month no argue warranty.

  • Provide Certified Training for Sales, Service, Support, Certified Installations Training, Inspections Training and Referral Business at NO COST.

  • Provide a MJG Tecnologias Logo Embroidered Lab Shirt with 4 pockets to lead installer at each certified installer location.

  • Provide certification inspection training and certification inspections training upon agreement. Each Certified Installer receives a Photo ID and a Framed Certified Installer Certificate. We developed the certified installation process and requirements for School Bus Camera Installations & Inspections across Canada.

  • Provide Technical Sales Expertise for Live Sales Presentations and Programs.

  • We Will Share Web Sales Profits with YOU for Web Sales in your Active Sales Territories.

  • Apply associate programs for outside sales.

  • Offer camera & system design and development services for sales requiring special custom installations.

  • Will use video communication technology for remote sales, support & training. i.e. SKYPE, TeamViewer, WebEx, etc.

  • Will use cloud technologies for file, data, customer and product update information storage.

  • Provide Secure MJG Tecnologias IVMS MSQL Server Space Rental for Your Customers Full Remote Access and Secure Video Storage Requirements.

  • Keep the sales process simple, ethical and effective.

  • Maximize Value for your Customers.

  • Communicate effectively to reduce misunderstandings.

  • EXPAND your product offerings to include our Industry Developed Traffic Cameras, Body Worn Camera Programs, Commerical Drone Cameras and other speciality video technologies we are currently developing.

Contact Us Today for More Information on How to Become a MJG Tecnologias Associate or Distributor in your city in Mexico.
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Become a Certified and Authentic MJG Tecnologias Associate or Distributor in Mexico!